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In AREA Smart Solutions, we specialize in providing security solutions, repairs and maintenance service for computers, computer networks and security systems cameras home and business environment.

We have rich experience in analog security cameras, especially in IP cameras and NVR servers manufactured by VIVOTEK, MESSOA and other manufacturers.

New'll in AREA Smart Solutions: consulting and marketing of X-Tagon systems at RFID technology.

We are experts in google apps, which allow the establishment of infrastructure and organizational sites diaries mail reliability at extremely high survivability.

Since 1993 we provide an honest service to all kind of customers, professional or consumers

The most important parameter for us is the best match customer needs, when we reach the client, we will do our best to match you with the best configuration that will fit your needs so you the customer will enjoy the most quality and reliable solution.

We support and encourage the use of systems based on open source such as Linux-based operating systems - Ubuntu, SUSE, Mandriva, etc, as well as a parallel system from Microsoft for Office, called LibraOffice.

We welcome you to send us any suggestions which would improve our service

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